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Macklin Hartley

Sociotechnical Systems Engineer

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Understanding and Managing the Node.js Application Lifecycle
7 Useful Tools for Tracking Web Performance
How to create AWS Route53 Subdomains with Multiple Accounts


Every Good Outage Starts with a Queue

August 2019 · DDD Perth

Learn why queues are not a one-size fits all solution, and how there is no such thing as a good queue, only one that is absolutely necessary. Queues are in more places than you think, and they can bite you in ways that you might not expect.

Web Accessibility in Practice

August 2016 · Localhost PER

Developers use accessible web app design to reach more diverse audiences. This presentation is a quick guide to understanding and building accessibility into your web apps.



She Codes Australia (formerly Perth Web Girls)

In my free time I love mentoring and volunteering my time to helping others grow, volunteering my time and expertise on a number of occasions at Perth Web Girls and other mentoring meet-ups.


DDD Perth Website

June 2018

Before the 2018 DDD Conference in Perth, I was asked to provide an external accessibility audit of the main conference website. I made several recommendations to improve the inclusiveness of the design.


Collaborate Metrics

July 2017 · Govhack

The Australian Government is focusing on encouraging innovation in order to increase jobs which will be relevant to the society we live in for years to come. A key weakness of the Australian innovation network which was identified is that there are ‘few direct mechanisms to support knowledge transfer’.


Street Shark

August 2016 · Govhack

Getting home is typically a matter of choosing the shortest or fastest path. A typical directions service will choose the cheapest, or fastest, or shortest path, but when it comes to safety it's up to the user to decide based on 'gut-feeling' which way to go home.